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Keep Your Feet Happy in Your Ski Boots With These Stretches

Alpine ski boots are inherently rigid to allow you to transfer pressure from your foot and ankle to the ski. And, because of that rigidity, it can be a challenge to find a good balance between comfort and performance.

The first step to creating that balance is finding a standout boot fitter. They will help you find the best boot for your individual needs and then make modifications to the shell, liner and footbed for a perfect fit. An expert boot fitter is critical to make boots feel, fit and ski like they should.

The second step is performing some daily “foot maintenance” after skiing. Ski boots hold your feet and ankles in a specific position(which is necessary for skiing) and don’t allow the joints to go through a full range of motion throughout the day. This means that after a day in ski boots your joints and muscles need to be taken though a few stretches to prevent stiffness and pain from developing. Below are 3 stretches to perform after you get out of your boots!

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