Bozeman Physical Therapist Dr. Amy Pakula

Bozeman, Montana-based physical therapist Dr. Pakula is a stand-out in musculoskeletal pain treatment with a proven track record using physical therapy techniques to help clients quickly recover from back, neck, migraine, and headache pain.

She uses holistic physical evaluations to identify and treat the underlying causes of conditions like arthritis, muscle weakness and imbalances, joint and muscle pain, tendinitis and bursitis, and more.

In addition to her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Pacific University, Dr. Pakula completed several years of additional specialized training through the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship.

She is one of only fourteen therapists in the state of  Montana who has completed fellowship training.
Less than one percent of physical therapists hold this certification.

Dr. Pakula’s intensive training under top clinicians refined her ability to provide efficient and effective care. Because of her quality of care and extensive training in physical therapy, Dr. Pakula has earned the reputation of being a leading physical therapist in the region.

Coming from a family of medical professionals in rural Washington, Dr. Pakula witnessed the difficulty that locals faced with accessing quality healthcare. She made it her goal to provide specialized, high-level care in a region with limited specialty medical resources.

Dr. Pakula founded Momentum Physical Therapy in Bozeman, Montana to offer education-based, highly personalized care and physical therapy pain treatments to help clients get back to doing what they love to do.

Dr. Pakula is a presenter at national conferences and serves as a clinical mentor for the Bellin College Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship program. She teaches continuing education courses to physical therapists domestically and has taught in Peru through Health Volunteers Overseas.

Dr. Pakula’s Physical Therapy Qualifications
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy
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