are ideal when you have progressed beyond initial and intensive physical therapy care.

Know Where to Start

Your physical therapist creates individual programming based on your needs and available equipment. No one size fits all programs here!

Proven Results

Get stronger, improve endurance, and stay disciplined. Build your cardio, core, balance, and even your max lift. Break through plateaus and say goodbye to boredom!

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Find your power.

Never second guess again.

Restore momentum.

Have you graduated from your physical therapy routine but feel like you still need some guidance to get to the next level?

Are you excited to hit the gym but a little uncertain if your current program is the best fit for you?

Two Plans To Choose From

I know everyone is at different places in their fitness journey. Whether you’re an Ironman competitor or haven’t broken a sweat in years, I'm here to help.


Whether you’ve taken a fitness hiatus due to an injury, are starting for the first time, or have graduated from your current physical therapy routine, we'll build a plan to perfectly meet your needs.

  • 2-5 workouts per week (based on your goals and schedule)
  • Mobility and agility training
  • Quarterly check-ins (through zoom)
  • Real-time messaging with your physical therapist



Includes everything in Momentum Training, PLUS a monthly in-person physical therapy session. Dry needling, soft tissue work, and movement coaching are all included in these sessions.

  • 2-5 workouts per week (based on your goals and schedule)
  • Mobility and agility training
  • Monthly Physical Therapy Session
  • Real-time messaging with your physical therapist


What Clients Are Saying

"I was looking for a strength program that I could do at home focused on improving my performance in nordic skiing. During a workout, I love the ability to use my phone to view a short, seconds-long video of an exercise and to make notes on my performance. Momentum Training provides the tools necessary to complete workouts with confidence at home when it fits my schedule. I’m looking forward to a stellar ski season."

- Darren

"I've been following Momentum Training for 6 months. I'm stronger than I've been in years. My aches and pains have resolved and my tennis serve is more powerful. My sister even said my legs have never looked stronger!"

- Tina

About Dr. Amy Pakula

The founder of Momentum Physical Therapy, Amy, is dedicated to the wellness of each person who walks through the door. She is a leading physical therapist and has a proven track record of quickly helping people recover from back, neck, headache, and migraine pain.