Neuromodulation Devices for Migraine Treatment

Have you heard of neuromodulation devices for the treatment of migraine? Although the first neuromodulation device for migraine (Cefaly) came on the market close to a decade ago, awareness of them is surprisingly low.

Neuromodulation devices use electrical currents or magnets to adjust or change activity that occurs in the brain. Some of these devices can stop attacks that are already underway, while others are used preventatively. They're small tools that are placed on different parts of the head, neck, or arm and deliver electrical or magnetic impulses for 1-60 min (depending on the type of device).

There are currently five FDA-cleared neuromodulation devices available.

Cefaly, GammaCore, Nerivio, Relivion, and Savi Dual

Each of these devices works in different ways. What they all have in common is that they’re non-drug treatments that don’t have systemic side effects. So for people who don’t tolerate medications or can’t take medications during pregnancy, for example, they are an option to look into. Additionally, many people use neuromodulation devices in combination with medication and notice additive effects.

Currently, the biggest downside of neuromodulation devices is that they are not covered by many insurance plans and thus can carry a significant financial output.

However, neuromodulation devices are portable, easy to use, and quite effective for many people.

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