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Isn’t physical therapy only for after surgery? Part II

In Part I of this series, I discussed why people are often surprised to know that physical therapists treat people for lots of different conditions, not just after an orthopedic surgery.

Here’s a quote from a recent patient about what he thought physical therapy was for prior to coming to see me.

“I guess I was unsure of what a PT did or how (and maybe if) it worked. I had an idea that PT was for much more traumatic injuries and that I just wasn’t bad enough of a case to to need that kind of treatment. I was picturing needing to be on crutches or worse to get Physical Therapy!”


This client was dealing with back pain that had been going on for a few weeks. He’d tried stretching, ice and ibuprofen but his pain wasn’t getting better and he was having more difficulty sitting and driving to and from work and had missed his gym workouts for two weeks.

Now, orthopedic physical therapists love to help people solve this exact type of problem! While seeing a physical therapist is critical in order to have an optimal recovery from a surgery, physical therapists treat people with many different types of injuries and pain.

See Part I for the different specialty areas of physical therapy.

Here are a few things orthopedic physical therapists do besides post-operative rehabilitation.

  • Treat neck pain, headaches, back pain and TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction)
  • Treat aches, sprains and strains
  • Help prevent future injury
  • Physical therapists can help you AVOID surgery

So I hope I have illustrated that seeing a physical therapist isn’t only for recovering after a surgery. We treat a wide array of different conditions from head to toe, while maintaining the focus on helping you get back to what you love doing.

And here’s what the same patient had to say after his experience with physical therapy.

“You don’t have to have a traumatic injury, PT can help every day aches and pains that we all get. You can get back to the activities you do every day and be healthy again without drugs, surgery or invasive techniques. PT is the quickest and most effective way to recover that I have ever experienced.”


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