Migraines and Holidays

Some things to remember from a migraine & headache specialist this holiday season:

You might know certain foods, drinks, travel, or changes in routine can contribute to a migraine attack or a flare in symptoms.

This means you're informed and have the autonomy to make decisions using this information.

You are not a bad person or bad at caring for yourself if you choose things that are known contributors to an exacerbation in symptoms. Only you know when staying up waay past your bedtime outweighs the potential side effects. Have a plan in place if you know you might not be feeling your best in the coming days.

Know your boundaries in advance. Not everyone understands migraine, and it can be uncomfortable to advocate for your needs--like leaving early, skipping dessert, not drinking. Boundaries are challenging work, but you deserve to have them and to respect your own. Again, having a plan in advance can make this easier.

There isn't a perfect way to care for yourself this holiday. That's ok. It's not about perfect. Do your best and know you've got this.

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