Injury Prone Runner and Strength Training

An Injury Prone Marathoner & 'Finding' Time for Strength training

After struggling with chronic overuse injuries, I'm training for my first marathon in five years. Finally, after learning & growing a lot as an athlete and obsessive runner, I felt ready to tackle the marathon again. So, of course, I'm really diligent about my strength training every week.

Except I haven't been. I started this marathon build during an exceedingly busy year of life—a significant career transition—but I decided not to put this dream on hold, waiting for the 'right' time; instead, I would just do my best with what I had.
A few weeks back, I had a consistent niggle that was very close to an old adductor injury. Out of caution, I went to see Amy. I was dreading the part where she would ask me about my strength training. I shied away from admitting I had barely done it at all. Instead, I said it had been inconsistent recently. I was embarrassed. I knew better. And I know that 'time' is just an excuse.

I expected her to chastise me, kind of like my dentist always does when we talk about flossing. But that's not what happened. There was no judgment from Amy. Instead, she asked if I knew why I wasn't strength training? She even agreed with me that right now might not be a time when I am able to commit to strength training in the ways I'm used to, 1-2x a week for an hour. But was there something I could do instead?

Lightbulb moment. It wasn't just about time and energy—which are real factors—it was also about a story I tell myself of the right way to strength train as a runner—1-2x a week for an hour. Amy suggested I start incorporating it for 5 minutes a day that I could take work breaks & do some air squats and single squats. She gave me permission to turn off the voice in my head, yelling, it's all or nothing. And as a result, I have successfully incorporated strength/mobility back into my routine for the last three weeks. - Tori

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