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Headache and Migraine Workshop

Did you know that we offer headache and migraine workshops in our clinic?

Your next question might be, “What is a headache and migraine workshop?”

First of all, great question!

We offer free, one hour workshops in our office in Bozeman four times a year.

What You’ll learn-
  • The most common headache and migraine types so you’ll be able to identify what type or types your dealing with.
  • Why prescription and/or over the counter medications aren’t fully resolving your headache problems.
  • What daily habits you have that are contributing to your headaches and migraines.
  • What questions you need to be sure to ask your physician about.
  • What you can do to start decreasing headaches and migraines right away!
Did you know?

✅ Over 50% of people will experience a headache in a given year. Women are 2-3x more likely to experience headaches and 2x as likely to experience migraines compared to men.

So why to we offer these workshops? 

I developed a special interest in helping people with headaches for several reasons. Primarily this interest sprung from growing up with my dad having chronic migraine ever since I can remember. I also dealt with migraine headaches for a period of time in college. Because of this, I am very motivated to share headache information and resources so that you can make better, more informed choices about your health. 

I firmly believe that educating yourself about health, wellness, and the specific ailments you are dealing with provides the best foundation for progress and recovery. 

Our intent with the free workshops is to empower you with information so that you are able to make better decisions about your health. That in effect improves your well-being, the well-being of your family, and ultimately improves the health of our community.

We keep these workshops small and cap attendance at 15 people so that we can ensure we answer each person’s questions and concerns.

What workshop attendees are saying

“It gave me the opportunity to listen and learn from experts about what’s going on with a particular condition and gain more insight into my health and well-being. To me that’s fascinating and the more I know about it the better off I am. I don’t think your body should be a big mystery. It also gave me a chance to share with other participants and hear their perspectives and questions. It helps to not feel like you are the only one in the whole world who has a certain condition or problem.” – J.A. 

You can find a list of our current and future workshops at the link below

Momentum Physical Therapy Workshops and Events

We hope to see you at one of our workshops in the future!

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact our office at 406-539-6993,  or email amy@momentumptmt.com.

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