Events and Workshops

Throughout the year we offer events and workshops that deliver educational and informational programming in a small group setting. Our goal is to help empower you to take control of your health. And, we think the best way to begin this process is by gaining knowledge. Past topics have included back pain, hormone imbalance, and migraine management.

Event and Workshop Calendar


What past workshop attendees are saying

"It gave me the opportunity to listen and learn from experts about what's going on with a particular condition and gain more insight into my health and wellbeing. To me that's fascinating and the more I know about it the better off I am. I don’t think your body should be a big mystery. It also gave me a chance to share with other participants and hear their perspectives and questions. It helps to not feel like you are the only one in the whole world who has a certain condition or problem." - J.A. 

"When I attended I thought it was cool that it was a super small group, there was a lot of interesting information that was different from what I previously understood. Amy didn’t say “Well you’re pretty much stuck with having back pain for the rest of your life." She made it seem that there was something I could do to be proactive. I have to put in some work too, obviously. That is what was exciting to me. Amy's personality makes it very easy to talk to her and she is very open to everyone’s questions." - M.H.