Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Treatment

A lot of patients come to me after being in pain for months or years. Some of them have sought help but not found answers and given up. Others felt like their pain wasn't enough to reach out for help, so they just accepted their pain as part of their new normal.

This is something I see far too often, especially those who think their chronic back, neck, or headache pain is only mild or medium even though that mild or medium pain may have radically shifted how they live --i.e., they stopped picking their kids up, they can't sit at their work desk, or they gave up running.

When you start experiencing pain consistently, you can ask for help early. Much of the pain we endure can be decreased and fully resolved when we address it, work with a knowledgeable provider and commit to working through a recommended plan. In physical therapy at Momentum in Bozeman, Montana, this can take the form of hands-on treatment, education about pain, strength training, mobility work, breathing exercises, etc.

The take-home point is, pain does not have to be a part of your normal.

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