migraine and diet

Migraine and Diet

Have you noticed a relationship between diet and migraine? For many people, the foods they consume have a notable effect on their migraine frequency. Many different diets have been touted as the ideal "migraine diet" however, there have not been studies that demonstrate one specific diet being superior to another for migraine management.

A recently published study showed that:

"Adherence to the Healthy Eating Plate (HEP) advice, particularly the reduction in carbohydrate, red and processed meat consumption, is useful in migraine management, reducing migraine frequency and disability."

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"Different dietary regimes have been proposed so far as an adjunctive strategy in migraine management. Most of these diets are based on the avoidance of foods hypothesized to activate the attacks by influencing the plasma levels of molecules (such as Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide, nitric oxide (NO), and serotonin) largely involved in migraine pathogenesis, or by affecting different aspects of brain homeostasis such as neuronal energy efficiency, excitability, and inflammation (also with an immunogenic response) or platelet aggregation. Similarly, the ketogenic diet, which can exert a pharmacological action on cortical excitability by increasing mitochondrial energy efficiency, activating GABAergic pathways, and suppressing neuroinflammation. The Healthy Eating Plate, in line with nutritional guidelines, does not prohibit any food; in contrast, it encourages varied nutrient consumption even though recommending a restriction for certain staples."

"In conclusion, our study suggests that an inclusive healthy diet can be beneficial in migraine management."

migraine diet, headache treatment bozeman"General practitioners and headache specialists could also consider advising patients on a healthy diet, among other regimens, in migraine patients without comorbidity, according to individual preferences."

Take-home point:

*Improving how you fuel your body (not following one specific diet) can equal fewer migraine days and less medication! *

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