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Snowshoeing – Four Trails Near Bozeman

Have you ever gone snowshoeing? I for one absolutely love it, especially living in Bozeman where we are surrounded by trails and mountains only a short drive away.

Of course, safety should always be your top priority

Check the weather before you go to make sure you won’t be caught in any snowstorms, pack plenty of snacks and water, take a buddy, tell someone where you are going, and make sure you have plenty of layers. We all know it doesn’t take long for the weather to change, especially up in the mountains.

I like to wear tons and tons of layers (granted I am a woman and I always over pack). In all seriousness though, layers are wonderful to take off when you really get going (or you are almost done and just trying to push through to the top of the mountain!) Then you can add on the layers once you reach your destination and you are enjoying the view, the snacks, and how absolutely amazing you are for getting out and snowshoeing!

Now, lets get to the fun stuff.
Where to go snowshoeing.

If you want something close to town you should try out Triple Tree! It’s short and fun and has a wonderful view of Bozeman when you get to the top. It can also be longer or shorter. There are two trail markers so If you want an extra mile or so you park at the first parking lot, and if you want a quicker shorter trail you park off the street at the second trail marker.

If you get a chance definitely try heading up Hyalite to Grotto Falls or Arch Falls (if you’re feeling really adventurous you can go all the way up to Hyalite Lake!). All three are on the same trail, so it all depends on how far you feel like hiking! In the winter the falls freeze and look gorgeous! Sometimes you don’t even need to wear snowshoes if you just go to Grotto. It is a popular trail and get’s packed down enough. I would definitely suggest wearing snowshoes if you decide to go past Grotto.

Out towards Gallatin Gateway is Storm Castle Peak. The view is absolutely gorgeous and well worth the hike. This hike is a little longer than the others (almost 5 miles) and it has plenty of switchbacks to make the steep climb more manageable. I wouldn’t advise this trail if this is your first time snowshoeing.

Last but not least, if you head out towards Livingston you can stop and try Chestnut Mountain Trail. This trail isn’t widely known (therefor I would also not suggest it for your first adventure). The trail is pretty quiet and it’s great to go with a couple of people because the trail is wide. This trail is also about 5 miles long.

Just before Christmas I was able to go snowshoeing with my two kiddos. We had a blast! I love being able to take them outdoors and talk to them about what we see and hear outside. I packed my daughter who is 30 pounds, and decided that it’s time to find her some snowshoes!

If you are a snowshoer, comment below and tell me where your favorite place to snowshoe is (and why)! I’m always looking for new trails. If you try one of the suggested trails let me know how it went! Last but not least, if you need an adventure buddy let me know I would love to join you! Purely for safety reasons of course… But seriously, I love snowshoeing and would gladly go with you on your next expedition.

Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert. I snowshoe just for fun because I love it! So please be sure to check out the trails before you go. Do your own research, always go with a friend, and let someone know where you are going. Only in Bozeman also has a great blog on Snowshoeing. You can check it out here.

By Alicia Clements

Alicia is Momentum Physical Therapy’s front office guru and Chief Happiness Officer.

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