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5 Great Bozeman Hikes if You Don’t Have Low Back Pain

Did you know that Bozeman has over 80 miles of maintained trails in and around town? With so many options, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’ve narrowed it down to 5.

Drinking Horse Trail

This trailhead is close to town and the hike is about 2.5 miles. Perfect for before or after work or even on a long lunch break.

Grotto Falls Trail

This trail is a favorite of mine to take visitors to. The trail is nice and smooth and there are benches at beautiful stopping points along Hyalite Creek.

Sypes Canyon Trail 

You get great views of the Gallatin Valley at about 2 miles and then the trail connects with the Bridger Foothills Trail. This trail can be an out and back, or can be joined for a loop with Truman Gulch, The College M Trail, or Middle Cottonwood Trail.

South Cottonwood Trail 

This is my dog’s favorite trail because of the four water crossings as the trail meanders around the creek. This is a great trail on a hot and sunny day.

Emerald Lake Trail

A 9 mile out and back trail with a 1978 ft elevation gain. This trail is a little more moderate in difficulty, but the payoff of the crystal clear water of Emerald Lake when you get to the top is well worth it!

These are just a few of the many trails around Bozeman, for more check out the book ‘Day Hikes Around Bozeman’.

There are many people in Bozeman who can’t get out and enjoy these hikes because of low back pain and that’s really a pity because there are things you can do to begin improving your low back pain TODAY. Lots of people live with back pain for far longer than they should.

If you live in the Bozeman area and have back pain and you want to know exactly what to do about it, click the link below to request a free phone consultation with Momentum Physical Therapy.

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