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Why Being Fit Doesn’t Require a Gym Membership

We’ve all had that nagging feeling, “I should go to the gym but I’m short on time today… I should go to the gym but I really don’t want to…I should go to the gym but it’s so cold out my car won’t start.”

Or maybe you’re someone who despises the thought of being inside exercising with all the wonderful outdoor activities we have right out our doorstep year round.

The great news is that joining a gym isn’t necessary to be fit and healthy! There are many reasons to join a gym including a sense of community, equipment, classes, and accountability. At least, these are some of the reasons I belong to a gym. But, if going to the gym just isn’t your thing or if you can’t make it to the gym for a few days or even a few weeks there’s no need to stress. There are countless ways to maintain and improve your fitness levels!

If you want to stay indoors and have minimal equipment, there are numerous workout apps and youtube videos. These will lead you through everything from an easy 20 minute stretch to a challenging bodyweight interval workout. One of my favorite apps is Nike Training Club. It has over 100 workouts of varied lengths and intensity levels.

If being outdoors is more your speed, there are countless trails right out your backdoor and within a few miles of Bozeman. The Gallatin Valley Land Trust helps to support and maintain 80+ miles of trails in and around our city. Feel free to walk, run or bike and check out their website for complete trail maps to plan your route.

Here is a simple interval training program that you can use. Start your interval workouts with a five-minute, moderate-intensity warm-up (4 to 5 on a scale of 1 to 10). Intervals should include 30 to 90 seconds of high-intensity work (8 to 9 on the intensity scale), followed by a light-to-moderate recovery period of up to two minutes. Continue this work-recovery ratio for 20 to 40 minutes and finish up your workout with a thorough cool-down.

So regardless of where you are, and if there is a gym available, there are many options to maintain and even improve your fitness levels. If you have questions about gym-free workouts, email me at amy@momentumptmt.com

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