Blood Flow Restriction Training

How Blood Flow Restriction Training Can Benefit You

Have you ever had to take a break from your training because of an injury? A few days to a few weeks, or even months? While a periods of rest are often necessary to recover from an injury, a negative side-effect of extended rest is losing muscle strength and size due to lack of use.

Improving strength is one of the main areas I focus on when helping clients recover from any number of different ailments. Luckily there’s a new treatment technique that can help you improve strength faster than we’ve ever thought possible.

Blood flow restriction training or BFR works by partially limiting blood flow in and out of a limb with a cuff around the arm or leg. BFR training is being used by NFL and NBA players, check out this video from ESPN.

Using this technique you can exercise with much lighter weights or resistance than you would traditionally need to improve muscle strength and size.

The build up of lactate in the muscle is what helps to create this positive response from the body. Your muscles will feel like they are working very hard even though you are only lifting a light weight!

Here’s another video covering blood flow restriction training from ESPN.

I will be writing more about BFR over the next month so check back soon for more info!

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