Patient Center

Through education, Dr. Pakula helps to relieve pain and change thought patterns around injury. Her process is education driven, so you’ll be informed every step of the way. You will never passively receive treatment, but rather, walk away with a better understanding of how pain operates and why a specific treatment is being employed.

Your first visit

Your condition will be holistically evaluated to identify the underlying cause of your problem and then Dr. Pakula will discuss the best course of action to provide a long-term solution.

First, your unique history surrounding your pain or injury is gathered helping to determine the root cause of your symptoms. Then, we will identify your specific goals.

During the physical examination, the primary and secondary areas causing distress are located by having you stretch, rotate and respond to pressure.

You will experience relief during the first visit as each treatment is highly customized to your needs. The area causing pain is targeted with applied touch, stretches and other techniques.

At the end of your session, your assessment will be reviewed and a personalized treatment plan will be prescribed. You will walk away feeling better and understanding your condition or injury.

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